Paul Donnelly is the executive chef of Chinese Tuxedo in New York’s Chinatown, which received a glowing two-star review from The New York Times.  Originally hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Donnelly began his culinary career apprenticing under Gordon Ramsay at Amaryllis in Glasgow. In 2006 he moved to Australia to pursue his passion for Asian cuisine and further develop his craft for the style of cooking. In Bangkok, Thailand Donnelly trained for several weeks, honing his skills at Nahm restaurant under chef David Thompson and at Tetsuyas with Jowett Yu. Donnelly worked for 10 years with the Merivale group in the kitchens of The Ivy Lounge, Sailors Thai, El Loco and most recently Ms. G’s, an Asian-fusion restaurant where he was the head chef. In 2016, Donnelly relocated to New York to help owner and friend, Eddy Buckingham open Chinese Tuxedo on historic Doyers Street in Chinatown. At Chinese Tuxedo, Donnelly pushes the boundaries of New York’s Chinese cuisine, creating classic and modern dishes rooted in traditional Chinese culture.

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